Senior Management Team

Anton Maree

Anton Maree


B.A. Rhodes (HDE)

Samantha Baker

Samantha Baker

Deputy Head (Academic and Pastoral)

B.A. (Hons) Sheffield Hallam

Jeffrey Swales

Jeffrey Swales

Deputy Head (Digital Learning & Strategy)

M.A. Oxon (PGCE)

Lynda Barker

Assistant Deputy Head (Pastoral) PE

Cert Ed, Birmingham, NPQH

Sally Slater

Sally Slater

Head of Coram House

B.A. (Hons)  Open (PGCE) PG Cert. Warwick

Alexandra Collingwood

Alexandra Collingwood

Head of History / Head of Sixth Form

B.A. (Hons) Hull, Leeds (PGCE), Sheffield (PG Cert)


Sue Allan

Sue Allan

Bursar and Secretary to the Committee


Tom Shennan-Barker

Tom Shennan-Barker

Director of Marketing, Admissions & Communications

M.A. Sydney, B.A. Sydney


Senior School Teaching Staff 

Claire Adams B.Sc. Durham, MA Durham Learning Support Mentor
Nayyar Aziz B.Sc. (Hons) M.Sc. (Hons) (Pakistan) PhD (Hull) Head of Chemistry
Samantha Baker

B.A. (Hons) Sheffield Hallam


Deputy Head (Academic and Pastoral)

Business Studies

Christopher Bailey

B.Sc. (Hons) Bath (PGCE)

M.A. Leeds

Head of Biology

Boys’ Housemaster

Lynda Barker

Cert Ed, Birmingham

NPQH, MBA Huddersfield

Assistant Deputy Head


Helen Batty M.A. (Hons)  Oxon (PGCE) PgCert Biology, Head of Psychology
Dale Beswick B.Sc. Sheffield Mathematics
Alistar Boucher

B.A. (Hons) Warwick

M.A. London (PGCE)

Head of Teaching and Learning, Head of Drama
Elena Clark B.A. (Hons)  Durham (PGCE) Geography, Fothergill Society
Alexandra Collingwood B.A. (Hons)  Hull (PGCE) Leeds (PGCE History) Sheffield

Head of History

Head of Sixth Form

Michael Dancer B.A. (Hons) Staffordshire, M.A. South Australia (PGCE)

Boys PE & Games

Pastoral and Achievement Assistant

Katy Devine B.A. (Hons) Leeds (PGCE)


Assistant Housestaff GSH

Jane Donnelly B.A (Hons) Manchester (QTS) Head of Girls PE & Games
Neil Fitzgerald B.A. (Hons) Durham, M.A. Birkbeck, University of London


Head of English

Emma Garland B.A (Hons) OU, (PGCE) Mathematics
Heather Gordon MA Education


Achievement and Pastoral Leader –  2nd and 3rd Forms

Stevie-Ann Harrison B.A. (Hons) Leeds (PGCE) English
Andrew Hilton B.A. (Hons) Sheffield  (PGCE) Head of German

Laura Hilton


B.A.(Hons) Durham  M.A. Leeds (PGCE) Modern Foreign Languages and Careers (part-time)
Richard Izdebski B.Sc. Manchester, (PGCE) Liverpool Mathematics
Catherine Jackson B.A. (Hons) York (PGCE) English
Daniel Jones B.Sc. (Hons) Leeds Met, Manchester Met. (PGCE)


Pastoral and Achievement Leader – 4th and 5th Years

Philippa Langfield B.A. (Hons), MCIPD, (QTS)

Business Studies (part-time)

Head of Careers

Community Outreach Co-ordinator

Georgina Latimer B.A.(Hons) Durham, (PGCE) Spanish
Kate Maeer B.A. Leeds Beckett, (PGCE with QTS) PE
Anton Maree B.A. Rhodes (HDE) Head, History
Daniel Marks B.Mus (Hons)Trinity Laban (PGCE) with QTS Director of Music
Belinda Mellor B.A. University of Central Lancashire, (PGCE) EAL
Michelle Middleton HLTA Learning Support Mentor
Donna Middler Level 3 Helping in Schools with SEN Learning Support Mentor
Rebecca Nicholson B.Sc. Durham, (PGCE) with QTS Mathematics
Rosalind Noble MPhysGeog.(Hons), Hull (PGCE)

Head of Geography

Head of PSHE, Religious Studies

Assistant Housestaff GSH

Carl Pearson B.Sc. Leeds, (GTP – QTS) Head of Physics
Elizabeth Rayner B.A. (Hons) Newcastle (PGCE) Head of French (part-time)
Daniel Roots B.A. (Hons)  Central Lancashire (PGCE) Modern Foreign Languages,
Sarah Rose B.A. (Hons) Staffordshire (PGCE)

Head of Art


Elizabeth Sochacka B.Ed. (Hons) (MFL) Trinity College Cert.TESOL Head of EAL
Matthew Sanderson B.Sc. Central England, (PGCE)

Design Technology


Jeffrey Swales M.A. (Hons) Oxon (PGCE) RS, Deputy Head (Digital Learning and Strategy)
Susan Swales M.A. (Hons) Oxon (PGCE) Mathematics (part-time)
Nicola Tod B.A. (Hons) Dundee (PGCE) Head of Business Studies and Economics
Ben Watts B.Sc. Leeds (PGCE) Mathematics
Ian White B.Sc. Mining Engineering



Sarah Wilkinson B.Sc. Huddersfield (PGCE)

Food and Nutrition

Pastoral and Achievement Assistant – 1st Year

Michael Windsor B.A. (Hons) Nottingham Trent (PGCE) Head of Design Technology, Assistant House staff BSH
Daniel Wiseman B.A Lancaster, M.A. (PGCE)

Head of Boys’ PE and Games


Autism Resource

Elise Ager Level 3 CYPW Specialist Learning Mentor
Keaton Ager   Specialist Learning Mentor
Jane Burren

B.Sc (Hons) Portsmouth,

(PGCE)  Huddersfield

Specialist Teacher
Nicola Brown QTS, M.A. Autism Spectrum Specialist Learning Mentor
Beverley Davis

CASHE L3 SEN and Teaching Assistant

HLTA L4 (Sheffield Hallam)

Specialist Learning Mentor
Georgina Dyson   Specialist Learning Mentor
Elizabeth Finn B.Ed Manchester Specialist Learning Mentor
Hannah Howley B.Sc Psychology Leeds Specialist Learning Mentor
Ciaran Harrington B.Sc Sports Studies,(PGCE) Specialist Learning Mentor
Graeme Hemingway B.A. (Hons) Sheffield, (PGCE) Specialist Teacher
Shannon Hoyle B.A. (Hons) Leeds Specialist Learning Mentor
Jane Long STAL L3 Specialist Learning Mentor
Karen Metcalfe B.A. (Hons) London, M.Sc. London, SEN L3 (OCN) Specialist Learning Mentor
June Pease   Specialist Learning Mentor
Laura Smith NVQ L3  CCLD Specialist Learning Mentor
Lynne Ward B.A. (Hons)  London (PGCE) M.A. (Autism Spectrum) Head of Autism Resource

Coram House Teaching Staff

Aden Ball B.Ed.(Hons) Liverpool Year 5 Form Teacher
Benjamin Barker B.Ed. (Hons) Primary Education, University of Technology, Sydney

Reception Form Teacher

Head of EYFS

Catherine Bradley B.A. (Hons) Leeds (QTS) Year 4 Form Teacher
Helene Clugston

B.A.(Hons) Kent, M.A.

(PGCE) Oxford Brookes


SEN Support Teacher
Rachel Dix B.A.(Hons) Nottingham

Head of Assessment and Monitoring

Year 3 Form Teacher

Julie Hoar B.Ed.(Hons) Bedford College Coram Sports Specialist
Polly Hollingsworth B.A. (Hons) Hull, (PGCE) York Maternity Leave
Elizabeth Hussey BMus. (Hons) Leeds, MA Huddersfield (QTS) Music (part-time)
Elizabeth Jordan B.A. (Hons)  Leeds (QTS) PG Cert. National Award for SEN Co-ordination Year 4 Form Teacher
Sarah Liddle B.A (Hons) Leeds Beckett, (QTS) Year 1 Form teacher
Fiona McCormack B.A. (Hons) Northumbria (PGCE) Year 2 Form Teacher

Anne Nicklin


B.Sc (Hons) York, Astrophysics (PGCE) Year 5 Form Teacher
Emma Louise Rose B.A. (Hons) Honors College with QTS, M.Ed Honors College Year 6 Form Teacher
Sally Slater B.A. (Hons)  Open (PGCE) PG Cert. Warwick Head of Coram House
Kathryn Staton B.A. (Hons) Sheffield (QTS)

Head of Teaching and Learning

Year 6 Form Teacher

Coram House Nursery

Deborah Barraclough NVQ 2 CCLD EYFS Practitioner
Julie Earnshaw B.A. Huddersfield EYFS Practitioner
Sharon Marsh BTEC National Diploma Head of Nursery
Amy Hughes Level 3 Diploma EYFS Practitioner

Pre-Prep and After-School Care

Sharon Brooke   Playground Supervisor and Childcare
Christine Hodson NVQ 3 CCLD Teaching Assistant and Childcare
Gemma Iley Level 3 Supporting Teaching and Learning Teaching Assistant and Childcare
Jenny Patchett NVQ 2 CCLD Teaching Assistant and Childcare
Emma Quinlan   Teaching Assistant and Childcare
Shelley Preston   Lunchtime Assistant, Playground Supervisor
Paula Ward HLTA Teaching Assistant and Childcare
Karen Withington HLTA, NVQ 3 CCLD Teaching Assistant and Childcare

Non-Teaching Staff

Susan Allan ACMA / CGMA Bursar and Secretary to School Committee
Neil Bennett   Technician (DT)
Sarah Bentham   Examinations Secretary, Deputy Head (Digital Learning) Secretary, Head of Sixth Form Secretary
Howard Bundy   Warden
Jane Butterfield   PA to Head of Coram House and Junior School Secretary
Kevin Chambers   Head Groundsman
Delia Coburn A.I.Q.P.S PA to the Head
Joanne Colley

B.A.(Hons) Sheffield Hallam


HR Manager
Erica Dean B.A.(Hons) Leeds, M.A.  MCilip Librarian
Nicola Gilbert B.A. (Hons) Salford Business Development Manager
Camren Green   Maintenance Electrician
Julie Hart   Receptionist
Laura Lunn   Deputy Head (Pastoral) Secretary
Claire Mawson



Health & Safety and Facilities Co-ordinator
Joseph McAndrew   Administration Assistant
Paul Meeson   Assistant Warden
Jill Palmer   Senior School Secretary
Lauren Phillips A.A.T Level 3 Finance/Bursary Assistant
Christine Readman   Technician (Sciences)
Andrea Ruddy   Technician (Sciences)
Tom Root   International Recruiter
Tom Shennan-Barker

B.A. Sydney

M.A. Sydney

Director of Marketing, Admissions and Communication
Rebecca Stephenson   Admissions/Marketing Secretary
Gillian Wilks B.A. (Hons) History, MCIPD Technician (Food Technology)
Celia Wolfe B.A.(Hons) Bangor  M.A. UBC Archivist


Boys’ School House

Christopher Bailey

B.Sc. (Hons) Bath (PGCE)

M.A. Leeds

Jim Davies

M.Mus.(Adv. Musicology)

P.G.Dip.) Leeds

Assistant Housestaff
Todor Doychinov   Assistant Housestaff
Mike Windsor   Assistant Housestaff
Michelle Walker   Matron


Girls’ School House

Daniel Roots B.A. (Hons)  Central Lancashire (PGCE)

Modern Foreign Languages,

Assistant Housestaff

Maureen Gibbins   Matron
Brenda Hodge B.Ed.(Hons) Bradford and Ilkley Community College Housemistress
Katy Devine B.A. (Hons) Leeds (PGCE) Assistant Housestaff
Alice Robson B.A (Hons) Leeds Beckett

Community Tennis Coach

Assistant Housestaff

Rosalind Noble MPhysGeog. (Hons)  Hull (PGCE) Head of Geography, SEN Learning Mentor KS4, Head of PSHE, Assistant Housestaff GSH

Pastoral Care

Catherine Boak R.G.N Nursing Sister
Dan Hussey

BSc(Hons) Nursing (Mental Health) Huddersfield


Mental Health and Wellbeing Practitioner


Peripatetic Music Teachers

Christine Bullough G.Mus. Huddersfield LTCL (PGCE) Singing

Jim Davies


M.Mus.(Adv. Musicology)

P.G.Dip.) Leeds


Assistant Boys’ Housestaff

Elyse Greenwood B.Mus.(Hons) Huddersfield Flute
Helen Issitt B.A. (Hons) Music (Performance) Piano
Clare Laughton B.Mus.(Hons) Hull Cello, Voice, Piano
Eileen Roberts   Guitar
Carol Stephens B.Mus.(Hons) Huddersfield Percussion
Rae Strong B.A. (Hons), L.L.C.M. A.T.C.L. C.T.V.C.M (Teaching Dip), Huddersfield Violin, Piano and Recorder
Jeff Swift G.Mus. Huddersfield (PGCE)



Hobby Instructors / Trainers

Brian Davies M.G.N.A.S. Lead Archery Instructor
Terry Frost Reg. Instructor BTC Tae-Kwon-Do
Marie Gair B.A.(Hons) Leicester, (PGCE) LAMDA teacher
Christopher Key   Archery Instructor
Samuel Messam England Basketball Association Level III Coach, Level II Basketball Tutor Basketball
Sarah Screaton   LAMDA Teacher
David Whitham   Archery Assistant Coach
Nick Wynn   Fencing Instructor




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