Good Governance at Ackworth School

In 1779, a time when an academic education was not easily available to those not in affluent circumstances, the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), having a close regard for the education of the young, established Ackworth School. Whilst much has changed since then, the underlying control of the School by the Society remains as strong as ever and continues to be prosecuted through the Managing Trustees (or Governors), known collectively as the School Committee.

The School Committee comprises:

  • Nine members of Britain Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends who are nominated by an Appointments Committee drawn from the Society.
  • Old Scholars; nominated by the Ackworth School Old Scholars’ Association.
  • The Head, Deputy Heads, Head of Coram House and the Bursar attend and advise the meetings of the School Committee.
  • The Bursar is Secretary to the School Committee.

The Chair of the Committee, known as the Clerk, is David Bunney. David can be contacted through the Bursar at the School address.

The Society of Friends retains control of the School through an executive body known as the Ackworth General Meeting. This meeting convenes at the School annually when representatives from each of the Quaker Area Meetings gather to receive the Annual Report & Accounts and to hear verbal reports from the Committee and the Head. Please follow the link to see the latest Annual Report & Accounts.

A further function of the Ackworth General Meeting is the appointment of persons to serve on the School Committee. In this way the Society of Friends retains control and responsibility for the conduct of the School. Please follow the link to see the current members of the School Committee.

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