Ackworth School Fees for the Academic Year 2022-2023

See below for current academic year fees.

For information on the wide range of scholarship and means-tested bursaries available, click here.

Ackworth School prides itself on providing extensive financial support to families of limited means, as well as talented pupils deserving of recognition.

Admissions Fees
Type of Place Registration Fee Acceptance Fee Deposit
(R – Y13)
£75 £400  N/A
£75 £400


(Credited to your final account once your child has left the school)

(Rest of World)
£75 £400

One term’s fees

(Credited to your final account once your child has left the school)

For those pupils who do not take up their place after formally accepting an offer, Ackworth School will retain the whole Acceptance Fee and Deposit without exception.

Compliance Management Fee (applicable to pupils requiring a study visa)

Visa and immigration fee for international pupils requiring sponsorship to support the visa process and ensure ongoing immigration compliance during the pupil’s time at Ackworth.

Session Time Length Meals Included Cost Funded Session
Morning 8 am – 1 pm 5 hours Lunch £30.00
Afternoon 1 pm – 6 pm 5 hours Tea £30.00
Full Day 8 am – 6 pm 10 hours All £60.00

Where funded hours are used to cover the cost of a whole session, £3 per session (up to a maximum of £6 per day) will be added to your bill to cover meals and snacks.

Coram House Junior (Reception - Year 6)
Termly Yearly
Reception £3,195 £9,585
Years 1 to 2 £3,376 £10,128
Years 3 to 4 £3,488 £10,464
Years 5 to 6 £3,621 £10,863
Boarding £8,984 £26,952

Fees include lunch for day pupils as well as stationery, most textbooks and writing materials. Also personal accident cover.

Childcare is available from 7.45 – 8.30 am before school.

Clubs and childcare available after school from 3.30 – 6.00 pm.

Senior (Years 7 - 11)
Fees per Term Fees per Year
Day £5,256 £15,768
Full time Boarding £11,387 £34,161
Weekly Boarding (Sun-Fri) Price on application
Short Stay Boarding £700 p/week
Flexi-Boarding £45 p/night

Day fees include all tuition, personal accident cover, stationery, textbooks, writing materials and lunch.  Day pupils can also avail themselves of breakfast and the evening meal at no charge.

Boarding fees include all tuition, accommodation, meals, personal accident cover, stationery, textbooks and writing materials.

Sixth Form
Fees per Term Fees per Year
Day £5,256 £15,768
Boarding £11,387 £34,161
International Courses
Fees per Term Fees per Year
Pre A-Level £12,988 £38,964

Additional EAL is charged termly and is dependent on requirement. 

Autism Resource
Fees per Term Fees per Year
£20,455 £61,635



Weekend and Activities programme may attract additional charges as well as school trips, external examination fees and flexi boarding. Also, music lessons provided and any transport to/from school. Such charges are raised both in advance on the termly fees invoice with some invoiced in arrears. Please see the School’s Terms and Conditions for further information about the payment of Fees and extras. These are available on request from the Bursar and the Admissions Office.

Any queries with regard to short term fee, music, dyslexia and EAL charges should be directed to the Bursar.

Football Academy £700 per term


To discuss payment plans please contact the Bursar, Susan Allan, susan.allan@ackworthschool.com.

To find out more about scholarships and bursaries, get in touch at admissions@ackworthschool.com.

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