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Welcome from the fundraising office

Ackworth School’s motto, “non sibi sed omnibus”, still resonates today. Our excellent enrichment programme made possible through donations to our opportunities fund helps us to provide aspirational opportunities and to educate children irrespective of background or income.

Fee income provides the school with the resources for day to day school activities, but it does not go very far towards helping to cover the costs of maintaining or improving our facilities. We strive to deliver the highest teaching standards and provide high quality facilities. In order to continue to achieve this goal we rely on the generosity of our community.

My very best wishes,

Anton Maree


Rebecca Edgington

Alumni and Development Assistant


Our Renewal Fund helps us to refurbish and revitalise our Grade 1 listed buildings and to provide facilities that continue to attract pupils to the school.

Ways of Giving

There are many ways in which you can support Ackworth School; these are detailed below. All your donations, no matter what size, are invaluable so thank you for your support.

By post

To make a donation by cheque (made payable to ‘Ackworth School’) or to set up a Direct Debit, please complete and return the Donation Form:


Bank Transfer

If you would like to make your donation via bank transfer, please let the Development Office know of your gift so that we can record it properly and send you a thank you note.

Bank: Barclays Bank Plc
Sort Code: 20-90-65
Account Number: 80108243 (Current Account)
Account Name: Ackworth School 1950 Trust
Any assistance with this can be emailed to Rebecca.Edgington@ackworthschool.com
Gift Aid

If you are a UK tax payer, we can claim an extra 25% in Gift Aid on top of your donation at no extra charge to you. Simply fill in your details on the donation form, or let us know when you make your donation.

If you choose to leave a legacy to Ackworth School, any such bequest will be free from Inheritance Tax.

Paypal / Card Payment
The easiest way to make a one-off or regular monthly gift is via PayPal.

To make a one-off donation, simply enter your details via the Donate button below.

To give monthly, follow the prompts via the Donate button to create your PayPal account. Once created, you can manage your monthly amount from your mobile device or computer.




Areas for Support

Renewal Fund Information

Without the gifts and generosity of previous generations pupils would not be enjoying facilities such as the Sports Hall, Swimming Pool, Music Centre, All-Weather Pitch, Tennis and Netball Courts, Fitness Suite and Fothergill Theatre. Additional fundraising is essential so that Ackworth can continue to provide the best possible education for your child and future generations. We have established the Renewal Fund to refurbish our buildings and to capitalise new facilities.

Fee income pays for Ackworth School as it is today, with very little left over for investment in new capital projects or other initiatives. Your donation can make a real difference to our school.

Our Development Programme is as follows:

  1. Swimming Pool Complex

We have a long-term plan to preserve and enhance the buildings adjacent to the swimming pool. These nicely proportioned but decaying Grade I listed buildings, can provide an attractive and stimulating learning environment for our pupils as well as an income raising venue for the wider community. £250,000 will fund the renovation and conversion.

  1. Sports Facilities

Another area that is in urgent need of an overhaul is our astroturf, netball and tennis courts. They are in urgent need of transformation.   These facilities are at the centre of our commitment to sport at the school. And they play a vital part in the daily lives of our pupils. They also form a vital part of our enrichment program for primary schools and our income raising ability.

£120,000 will provide a new multi use games area for the junior school, a resurfaced and slightly larger astroturf pitch for hockey and tennis as well as resurfaced and improved netball and hard surface tennis courts.

Whilst we are delighted to be able to make small improvements to our sporting facilities, our greatest ambition is to build an all-weather pitch providing a facility which the majority of other schools already have.   An all weather pitch would give us all year round use for games, sports, athletics and for training which will help us to maintain our sporting reputation whilst raising income from its use. An all-weather pitch will cost in the region of £650,000.

  1. Educational Technology for Learning

Research has shown that schools with sufficient digital resources achieve better results than those that are not well equipped.   We are in danger of being left behind if we don’t continually keep our IT provision up to date. £5,000 will create an IT enabled teaching room.

If you would like to help us by contributing to our Development plans please contact:

Sue Allan, Bursar, Ackworth School, Pontefract Road, Ackorth, WF7 7LT.

Tel: 01977 233 608  Email: susan.allan@ackworthschool.com

Without your support none of this is possible

If donations are unrestricted they can be assigned to projects without needing planning permission. However, if you wish to specify which project you would like your donation to pay for please do so.

Opportunities Fund Information

The Opportunities Fund provides aspirational activities for children in our partner primary schools as well as Coram House. Many of these activities involve our pupils by providing opportunities for leadership and social responsibility. Without the generosity of friends, businesses and philanthropists these activities would not be possible.

The Opportunities Fund also provides scholarships and bursaries for deserving children, making it possible for them to attend Ackworth School and helping to address the matter of social mobility in our community.

Most of our facilities are used by the wider community. Our sports fields are used by our local football club and our swimming pool is used extensively to teach primary school pupils how to swim. Our forest school and the Went River is used for educational purposes. We frequently host evets for the elderly in our village and raise money for local, national and international charitable causes.

We offer facilities and coach sports that are not available at our partner schools, engage with businesses to help with sponsoring evets that hep with integration and allow more children to discover the Quaker ethos.

Pease help us to make a positive and lasting difference by making a donation to our Opportunities Fund.

You could help by:

  • Making a donation towards the cost of an enrichment project.
  • Funding an enrichment project. (£2,000).
  • Fund the cost of a scholarship or bursary or series of enrichment projects aimed at local primary school for one year (£6,000).

Over the years, considerable progress has been made on a number of projects which help us to enrich the lives and the educational experience of current as well as future generations of pupils. Our Renewal Fund helps us to refurbish and revitalise our Grade 1 listed buildings and to provide facilities that continue to attract pupils to the school.

Our enrichment programme provides opportunities for primary school children in West Yorkshire to learn new sports, to work together on projects and to develop resilience. These activities also provide opportunities for our pupils to develop their leadership skills and to take responsibility for others who may be less fortunate.

The Renewal Fund has made possible the renovation of the air handling plant at the swimming pool but we would like to continue the refurbishment of the swimming pool complex by converting the old Boiler House and Laundry into much needed activity, teaching and study spaces. It is also the perfect place to locate our new café and a gym and fitness centre providing pupils with an attractive and welcoming facility in which to train.

The Opportunities Fund allows several families to take advantage of all that the school has to offer by giving them financial assistance in the form of means tested bursaries.

Or Development Programme requires a significant investment in building, infrastructure and facilities.  We need the support of both our school community – as well as the wider community to create a school for the future.  We simply cannot achieve this on our own and we are asking you to help. 

Recognising your Support

Thank you for supporting Ackworth School, every donation helps us to enhance the children’s educational experience and continue our community projects.

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