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Mini Bake-Off Competition

We had fun making mini cupcakes in GSH today.

Lily (UK) & Ink (Thailand)

I went to the Christmas workshop and I made some Christmas letters. I cut out different Christmas shapes and stuck them on the envelope. Then I wrote different letters to people and put them inside the envelope. Cayatana

Ice skating

Ice skating was fun and exciting. We got to meet Disney Princesses! At the end, we got to watch a professional ice skater practice. It was really good!

Eleanor (UK) & Dori (Thailand)

We had a bit of a Halloween gathering in GSH this week.
Fun was had by all. Our kitchens supplied some lovely food along with the wonderfully decorated cupcakes made by Alison Maree.
Abbie and Amelia, UK.

We also had many treats which was really enjoyable as you can see. Ink, Thailand.

Scarborough trip for boarders

It was a great day out. We had a lot of fun going to the beach and the arcades. Abbie, UK

We had an amazing time in Scarborough and the wind did not stop us having a lot of fun. We also got to get to know each other more and make new friends. Neda, Montenegro

The Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Today we visited The Yorkshire Sculpture Park. We saw many trees some were made of wood but some were made of metal. The sky was much bigger than in Hong Kong! Some trees had hands sticking out of them and we even saw a tree inside a tree! The exhibition in the chapel was full of string and paper. We think it was about church music coming out of the piano. It looked like a cobweb but also like a soft fog.
We walked to the lake and saw so much sheep poo, we might have nightmares about it tonight! Sadly we saw no sheep but we did see a white cow which was not a sculpture. We also saw some shaggy ink caps which were real toadstools but we didn’t touch them just in case!
Enoch (HK) Vova (UKRAINE)

Personal Safety training

I found the experience very interesting. I learned a lot about self defense strategies – it was fun!
I had a good time with my new friends as well as learning something new.
Elena, Spain.

On Sunday all of us boarders participated in a variety of games outside on the green. We had a lot of fun supporting our groups in activities that tested our physical abilities, memory and out team spirit. Rebecca, aged 17 from Germany.

The training weekend was very interesting because none of us knew what we were doing until it was already happening! The first day we got up and had breakfast, blindfolded, it taught us a lot about how to adapt to difficult situations as a team, so everybody got a bit of croissant. Then we ended up all the way in Oxford on a hunt around the city to find as many of the landmarks as we could that the teachers put together. Hannah, Emma, Okemdi and I won decisively. The second day we did a lot of team building activities such as abseiling and rock climbing, it was lots of fun and definitely challenging. We also went to a barbecue at Mr Maree’s house, it was a great weekend!

Ellie White

I felt impressed with Games on the Green because I met a lot of new friends which study in a different year group than me. Also I learnt good teamwork with other people too. Baitong, aged 17 from Thailand.

On Sunday all of us boarders participated in a variety of games outside on the green. We had a lot of fun supporting our groups in activities that tested our physical abilities, memory and out team spirit. Rebecca, aged 17 from Germany.

U6th Evening Meal

Good fun was had, as all shared many funny memories of their time in the boarding house.

Cooking is Fun

Upper sixth asked could they make some things of their own choice so they chose vegetarian foods.

 Anna, USA

I was grateful for the opportunity to create recipes from back home. It gave me chance to show my friends what kind of foods I like to eat.

Rebecca, Germany

I really enjoyed my afternoon as I love cooking.

Ink, Thailand – First year

“When I went to Cooking is Fun we made quesadillas and colourful meringues, which was super duper yummy! We also made lasagne which we enjoyed eating. It was really fun making all of the food and I want to do that all again.”

Hannes, Thailand (Master class Food and Nutrition GCSE profiteroles, crème patisserie and chocolate sauce)
I really enjoyed making profiteroles. It taught me new techniques, helped me to improve my cooking skills & was good fun! Afterwards, I shared them with my friends in the boarding house. They didn’t last very long, they were delicious!

Ink, Dori [Thailand],  Viktoriia, [Ukraine] and Jess, [UK]:

“Today Girls’ School House had a visit from Committee members and Quaker Friends. We had four different groups to tour around the boarding houses, both Junior and Senior. Also we had some Old Scholars visit, who shared some funny and interesting stories with us. After the tours we all went to the Meeting House so the Committee and Quaker members could ask us questions about boarding and out experiences.

It was lovely to meet them all and show them our side to boarding and how an experience like this, no matter which country we’re from, is in itself a life lesson.”

Nichola, Hong Kong   (Harrogate trip)

Harrogate is such a beautiful city filled with many shops and stalls as well as people buzzling around! I really enjoyed the trip, because I got to see and visit many places. My favourite part of the trip was the Bettys’ café which is one of the most popular and famous cafes at Harrogate. They sell teas and chocolate. Although the temperature was VERY cold and windy, it did not spoil the trip at all. I hope I get another chance to visit it and to those that have never been, should go there.

Katelyn, China   (tour de Yorkshire)

The Tour de Yorkshire was my first time to see a professional bike race. It was so amazing. They rode a bike so fast. I can’t imagine how they keep the right speed. This is an unforgettable memory.

EarnEarn, Thailand

At my first lesson I was so confused because I didn’t know where to go but my classmate helped me a lot so that I could get where I needed to be. At first I really missed my family and friends but everything here is very good, so now I don’t want to leave. I hope that I’ll come back to Ackworth School soon. Today my roomate is leaving but I went to the Art workshop on Saturday and made her a card. I had a lot of fun decorating it. It made me so happy.

Marine, France

My first days were very confusing. I didn’t know where I needed to go and what I needed to do but a lot of people were very nice and helped me. After a few days, I understood how the school works, so it wasn’t confusing. On Saturday we made greeting cards. I had lovely days!

Alysha, UK and Polina, Ukraine

It was very nice sitting and enjoying the sun during the hot weekend (26 degrees!) Even though we had sun cream on, we still managed to get a little bit burnt!

“On Saturday we did Cooking for Fun and I made New York Cheesecake. I shared it with my friends and we ate it all! I would love to do it again.” – Hannes, 4th year. Thailand.

Lotherton Hall Visit

“We had a wonderful day today. It was good to be there. The views were plentiful. The part that we liked most is visiting the birds and the animals that live under the water. If we have a chance we would like to go again.” Vicky, Lower sixth, Hong Kong.

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