Old Scholars

Ackworth School will always command a special place in our hearts and minds. Times have changed but the school remains a ‘rock’ for many, our weathered but stunning buildings retain the magical hold they have over all of us. The frequent visits we have from former scholars reinforces my belief that the school should play a greater part in managing and maintaining contact with its Old Scholars. In a short while the school will be celebrating its 230th anniversary and we should all be thinking about the next 230 years.

Our future depends upon all of you and I would like to invite you to remain a part of our school. This website is an effective way of keeping in touch with the school and with one another. It will keep you informed of the varied calendar of events our vibrant community engages in and you are invited to become a part of this.

We continue to be recognised as a school that helps those more disadvantaged than ourselves and it is this ethos that sets us apart from many other schools. We would like to continue enriching the lives of disadvantaged children sustaining the legacy that may have shaped your lives. You can make a difference to our future by helping to enhance the quality of the education we provide. Our rich and varied education can only be maintained if you are prepared to help us by contributing in any way that you can.

Old Scholar News