Tuesday 20 Feb 2018

Snowboarding News

'Snowboard cross is the most watched Winter Olympic sport. It's high intensity racing over huge obstacles and turns at high speeds against other riders. 

Weather conditions in Chatel were very wet and cloudy meaning that it was hard to see very far in front of me. Not really ideal conditions.
The first 5 days we concentrated on technique and speed (known as flat boarding). The lady coaching me was Laura Berry, who was 5th in the world at free style.
My last day was spent with Martin Divers of Torr Snowboarding. He gave me coaching based on genuine knowledge, race experience, and he also does coaching for International athletes from FIS races to European Cups.
We started with the technique I had learnt with Laura and progressed to doing kickers and rollers on an actual border cross course. We ended the coaching with a race scenario with Martin and I competing.' Matthew Year 9.