Monday 31 Jul 2017

Scholarship News

Lucas Van Oudheusden.

Some time ago I emailed you to ask you about a scholarship. I still remember when I received your reply saying I had won the scholarship. I jumped and shouted out of happiness, joy and excitement. But my journey had only just begun.

I had to work hard, and there were moments when I thought that email would be just an email. Just another dream.There were a lot of things to work out: when, how, how much. All of these were problems. Luckily, seven months later here I am. My dream became true.

In my stay here I’ve made friendships that will last forever, I’ve learned values and cultures, and most importantly, I’ve learned how to enjoy the moment. During my stay I only had one issue: time; there's never enough time. Time never stops. I wish I could stop time and turn it back so I could start over and over again this short period of time that I’ve had to enjoy my dream. But I can't, and that's why I’ve learnt to appreciate every minute that I’ve had here, because, after all, making the best out of these months was a question of how I would use my time. Thankfully, my time here was amazing. And I really mean it. I’d wake up every morning excited to meet my friends, to learn more about my subjects that day. I never want to stop feeling that way.

Unfortunately my dream has come to its end. I am thankful that you made my dream come true. There are no words to describe how incredibly good my stay at Ackworth School has been and I only wish that I could be able to stay longer. Thank you very much.