Thursday 11 May 2017

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Blog April

Short stay students from Thailand

Today i run around the field, the wind blows me so i run slow. Outside it is very big and pretty.


Wednesday Cooking Club

Today we made mini omelets in cooking club, it is a circle and gold color it is so yummy and makes me happy! We get chance to working with day students too.


Saturday 29th April: Nostell Priory Trip

Today i am excited to go to a park. In the park they have many things like playground made from wood. It is an amazing trip in England. I saw many dogs and kids.


Saturday 29th April: Bowling at Xscape

Today i went bowling and i got 2nd on the overall score! Yay! We had loads of fun

Milly and Pim

Sunday 30th April: Shopping Trip to Trinity Walk

There are many interesting stores to choose from and we spent a lot of money there! We hope that there will be more shopping trips like this.


Short day students from Thailand Friday 5th May: Manchester United Trip

Today we had a trip to Manchester United. It was so big, huge, enormous. We went to the big red stadium and all of the other rooms. For example, the food room before you go watch the game, dressing room and the place that they players go before they come out.

Yanie, Thailand

Saturday 6th May: Lincoln and Science & Engineering Exhibition at the Cathedral

There was a lot of shops and many good restaurants. For lunch we went to 'Thailand No.1' which is a Thai restaurant. It was very delicious food. Then we went to the store and bought some souvenirs for our family.

Sunday 7th May: Brimham Rocks and Ripley

I love Birmingham Rocks. I have been going there since i was an infant and it's still my favorite place in Yorkshire. The ice-cream was also delicious;  i recommend the raspberry cheesecake.

Theodora, Uk

9th May: Textiles Club

I love hand knitting i had great fun using brightly colored wool.


Blog March

Filey Fossiling

On Sunday, I went out with Mr. Hickenbottom to the seaside. In the morning we walked along the seaside and found all kinds of birds. I also took several beautiful shells. After lunch, we looked for fossils. At first, I couldn’t find anything. However, after about 20 minutes I found my first fossil. The I found more and more fossils. I even found one stone with about five fossils. It was such an interesting trip!

Kathy, China

Boarder Concert

Boarder's concert was a really fun day for the entire community to come together and hear some really awesome music. I sang 2 songs and played the guitar. The best bit was when the group of boys from Hong Kong played their own arrangement!

Caitlin, USA

Welcome to the first addition of the Boys School House Blog. We hope to keep you updated with news and success stories from the week, as well as showing you just how we spend our weekends.


It was a fresh experience to ski in Great Britain and i found this snow sport both exciting and tiring! It was very hard to control our feet with the skis on them, but the joy of skiing was well worth it. The coach was humorous and patient with us. He taught us how to use the 'triangle' pose during the practice. At the end we even managed to ski from half way down the snow slope!

Zoe, China

Old Scholars Competitions

  I enjoyed playing in both the hockey and netball games against the old scholars. I particularly enjoyed the hockey match because we won! It was nice to see some old faces, i'm definitely coming back to play when i'm an old scholar.

Thea, UK

Duke Of Edinburgh 

During the weekend I went to Mirfield to do my Gold DofE expedition training. I did a lot of interesting activities and had some very important theory lessons. After that, we went to the countryside and I did a 10 mile walk. I really enjoy the views of the British countryside.

Nicholas Wang

Park Run

I really enjoy park runs at Nostell Priory, as it is a fun way to train and keep fit, and it is a nice change of scenery.

Izzak Brindle

Lunch Time Concert At Wakefield Cathedral

I played a solo piece in the Wakefield Cathedral on Tuesday. The piece is called Concerto by William Babell. I really enjoyed this experience and I think playing a solo in front of this many people has made me feeling much more confident about myself. During the process of practicing this piece with my friends in the string orchestra, we have learnt much more about each other and our friendship and bond have increased. Generally, I loved this experience.

Jason Lok


Blog - February

BBQ at Mr Maree's house.

This is an unforgettable time in my life. I think the BBQ was the best! The roast beef and chicken were very good. The Headmaster told us about South African Food.

Cross Country

The cross country was exhausting! i ran with Ellie, it was fun but the mud was horrible! It was a good experience and the best bit was the doughnuts at the end! Thea, UK. 

It is good to prepare ourselves for exercise. It helps us to improve our bodies. The cross-country was exciting. I really enjoyed it. 

Yujia, China

Park Run

We really enjoy the running. Although it is impossible to compete because it is a long way until the end but we know that we can’t give up, we have to beat it! Fortunately, we completed the 5k run. We felt proud of ourselves but our whole bodies and legs were painful afterwards, but at least we did it!

Vicky, Hong Kong and Eva, China 

Jewellery making

It was very interesting and fun. I made so many different earrings and i made a picture from buttons.

Polina, Ukraine.


Doing football club was very fun as it made a change from the usual sports which we do. It was also fun to interact with other students whilst having fun.

Alysha, UK.

Blog 3 January – February

Inter House Music Vocal competition

Individual events Jenny, UK winner of seniors – Penn House

“I am really sad that the Inter House Music competition will be my last one. But I am so glad that it went well and my House Penn also won the Choir section.” Jenny, UK.

“Inter House music was extremely fun to watch & be part of. It was s interesting and exciting to see students of all levels sharing their talents.” Caitlin, USA  

Group choirs – winner Penn House singing “Lean on me”

‘I enjoyed to be part of Penn choir, I found it very interesting, I had a lot of fun. Rehearsals formed use as a team and we worked really hard to achieve success .

Otar, Georgia; Okemdi, Nigeria; Zoe, China; Maddie, Enya, UK

Overall winner of both instrumental and vocal – Gurney

We are glad to let you know that yesterday Jasmin won the Junior Girl under 16 category for the Sports Champions Award presented by the Hull Daily Mail!  

Chinese new year

Also, Saturday will be the Chinese New Year and this year is the year of Rooster.  I would like to say 'Kung Kei Fat Choi' to you, the word you will say when the morning of the first day of The Chinese Lunar New Year. It has a meaning of cheers, wishing people luck & have a wonderful future.


From the Wong Family.

Chinese New Ackworth School celebrations

“On Saturday, we celebrated Chinese New year together. To begin with, I had a chat  about the Chinese culture and how it has affected  the Chinese people, and then we had a Chinese meal as the celebration of Chinese New Year meal, for which I am very grateful. As an oversea student, not to be able to spend time with our families is very depressing.  However, in Ackworth school, we celebrated new year together, it makes me feel warm and happy to know my culture is valued.

Lin, China

Blog from the Boarding house weekend 20-24th January 2017

Business and Education Fair

The Business and Education Fair was very well organised. It got us both thinking about universities and our futures too, it made us feel motivated as some of our ideas became clearer.  We managed to find out a lot of useful information to understand better how universities actually work in Britain. All in all, it was a very enjoyable experience.

Elisa and Ksenjia, Romania and Montenegro.

“I think this is one of the greatest and significant opportunities in my time at Ackworth to actually have a certain direction of where I will be heading towards in the future. The Fair helped me in exactly this way. I am no longer confused or afraid of what is coming, I will embrace and even anticipate the exciting future.”

Ryan, Hong Kong

Making Chinese New Year Decorations

Chinese new year is coming in a week, we gathered together to make some traditional decorations for celebrating this most important festival. Though we are all overseas students who have different cultures and backgrounds, it is always nice to be surrounded by our friends while we are not with our families.

Zoe, China

It was fun making the Chinese decorations and very interesting, but it was also hard!

Polina, Ukraine

Blog Last Week Of Term 2016 December

Grease Production

A great performance and fun was had by all in the cast as well as the audience.

Grease is the 6th and final production that I have been involved in at this school. I am thankful for the opportunities this school has given me regarding theatrical performances. In the future I hope to pursue a career in the dramatic arts, with this experience helping me along the way. My thanks goes out to Mr. Vergette for all he has done for me throughout the years.

Here are some of the pink ladies.

Jenny, Abi and Maya Flexi-board from the UK; Jason, Hong Kong

Hockey match vs Scarborough – Seniors had a great win 2:1

On Saturday we played against Scarborough College in a thrilling hockey match. We fought fiercely against the opposition and after 30 minutes of tireless effort, the referees decided that we would play for another 10 minutes. At the 30minute point the score was 1:1. In the end, we were glad we played the extra time because we went on to score another goal, bringing the score to 2:1 thus winning the match! We enjoy playing hockey as it allows us to expand our experience of teamwork.         

Thea, UK

Our last game together as I leave after one term at Ackworth. I have had a wonderful time and met some fabulous people who have now become great friends.

Leontine, Germany

Art activities including making Christmas cards and decorations for the boarding house party.

When we did Christmas cards, it was very interesting. I made 4 cards for my parents using colouring materials and we listened to Christmas songs too.  

Polina, Ukraine

Christmas party preparation Saturday; Party took place on Sunday

We had amazing time helping Mrs. Maree prepare all the cookies and cupcakes. We both did some things for the first time and it was fun to learn some new baking skills.      

Elisa, Romania and Ksenija, Montenegro

Girls School House Christmas party 

Games and good fun was had by students from all nationalities in various forms of fancy dress following a theme of G, S or H.

Look at how gorgeous our House staff look in their costumes.

I had lots of fun making the Christmas decorations for the GSH party. It took a lot of time to make but I enjoyed it.

Alysha-mae, UK


Hepworth Band performance and Ackworth Choir took part in the Carol concert.

I really loved being part of a performance where there was such variety in styles of music, I especially enjoyed the music provided by the brass band.

Caitlin Fogg, USA

Blog last weeks of term  November and December 2016

American Scholar: Each year, Ackworth School sponsors one English Speaking Union Secondary School Exchange scholar from an American boarding school. I have been lucky enough to have been selected for the duration of this academic year. This past week was Thanksgiving, a traditional American celebration. Although I was away from home, the ESU held a delightful evening in London for all of the scholars.  During my time in London, my pals and I travelled to scenic places such as Hyde Park. I really enjoyed London during the Winter season; the lights were  beautiful and it is a lovely place to spend time with friends and loved ones.  Caitlin Fogg (USA)

Birthday celebration: We had a nice chilled out time with our friends for her 18th birthday. Her Nan kindly made a lemon cake for her and brought it into school. We all went for a sleep over at a friend’s house and had a bonfire!                                                                                                                        

Maddie (UK), Grace (Scotland)

Manchester Christmas Market Saturday 26.11.16

'The Christmas market was pure magic!

All the little lights, the smell of chocolate and sugar in the air made the experience unforgettable! It was the first spiritual impact with Christmas this year and the fact that it was just the beginning of it made my excitement grow. There are many handmade gift shops that maybe just what you need: 'Special gifts for special people.' It's a warm atmosphere there in Manchester, just enough to warm up your soul for Holidays.'

Elisa (Romania)

Boarding House blog week beginning 31.10.16


We like Halloween because we got to go trick or treating and eat many sweets, it’s so fun!

Evelina and Polina, Ukraine

Ruby Table Tennis star filming for the BBC local news channel Look North

I quite enjoyed the experience because it was exciting and unusual. I mean, you don’t get the BBC coming to film you often? At first I was very nervous but as the interview went on I got more comfortable.

Ruby, UK

Italian Cooking day

We enjoyed the Italian cooking day of making the Tiramisu. It was really hard to make but it tasted really good! The part of the cookery which I really appreciate making was the pasta, and we got to roll the dough ourselves which was interesting. Elisa, Milly, Eva and Vicky [Romania, UK, China]

Bonfire Night – sparkling fun on the cricket field

On Saturday 5th November we all went outside and had lots of fun drawing our names into the air with sparklers. – Mollie and Marta [UK, Spain]

Blog week seven GSH – a busy Saturday

Yoga: I really enjoyed yoga on Saturday because normally we don’t take time for ourselves very often. It was very nice and relaxing. It was good to take time out after a busy week and dedicate it to both our body and mind. We also really enjoyed the relaxation at the end!                          Alice, German; Ksenja, Montenegro

Fitness Centre:  We have found it to be very helpful in maintaining our level of fitness and use it on a regular basis. It is a good release of stress and a good place to go during the weekends and evenings with our friends to escape the hectic school life. There is plenty of equipment meaning that we are able to challenge ourselves in all aspects a of fitness. Having the opportunity to listen to music whilst working out gives us further motivation and creates a fun atmosphere.

Marta, Spain; Lynn and Leontine, German.


Inter-House Hockey: I enjoyed playing hockey with my friends because we laughed a lot and it was so funny. In the first moment I was afraid but when we started to play, I was more confident. We had a good time.
Laia, Spain

Badminton: I like doing sport especially badminton. I play with my friends every Saturday. It helps me to keep my body strong and healthy.

Eva, China.


Preparation of the International group dance for Charity week sixth form entertainment evening: I’ve really enjoyed the moments that I’ve spent with all of the dancers. Though we didn’t have a great deal of time to rehearse, we tried our best. I truly hope that all of our efforts for this ‘Good Boys’ dance will bring about a fantastic performance.
Zoe, China 

Preparation for the Charity Bake sale: It was fun. It gave me a chance to really work as a team in the boarding house with students of all ages and nationalities. It will help with my future if I want to work with charities and gave me experience of working as a cook.                 Milly, UK


Leeds University Open Day 8.10.16

I think that this trip was wonderful, Leeds is an amazing city. It was Miss Sochacka made our trip even better. According to my own experience in Leeds, I found it was quite friendly to us and made people who are homesick feel much better. When I walked on the street in the university, I felt peace and the atmosphere of studying is so strong. And I think it must be great to study there. We like Art  and Psychology. 

Yujia, Ann, Rachel, China.


Relaxing playing table tennis
Enya, UK.

Pony Riding
It was really fun, I got to try cantering again and new meet people and horses. 
Milly,  Wales.

Personal safety refresher training 
I really enjoyed this activity, because we learned a lot of new technics and it was so funny. Now I feel more secure of being alone in the street.
Laia, Spain.

Weeks 2-3:

I enjoyed playing badminton with people who I didn’t know before. It’s great to meet new people who enjoy the same things like me. It was good!

Laia Y10 Spain

On Sunday, both of the boarding houses got together to take part in some team-building games.  I found it really fun, and my favourite part was the river crossing. It helped us work better as a team and we got to know each other better.

Alysha Y9 and Enya Y2, UK

I enjoyed the chance to use Science in a different aspect of life like launching an egg out of a window with a parachute on team building day! 

I also enjoyed spending some time with members of staff and their family at the weekend. We picked blackberries and made a pie!

Milly, Y7, UK

Week 1:

Music relaxation:

“My first week here has been great, but filled with emotions too. Almost everything to me was new: the Brisitsh culture, the language, the school and the people. Playing the piano reminds me of home. I really enjoyed playing this afternoon because you are so focussed that you are only living the moment. Once you known a piece of music it ius very relaxing and it is a great way to process emotions.”

Alice Y12, Germany

Personal Safety Training:

“This weekend all the baorders had a two hour long personal safety training. The activity showed us how to firstly be aware of our surroundings and danger and if needed how to defend ourselves against those. It was really interesting to find out how to manipulate points of the body  or how little movements can change the outcome of a situation where the attacked person can become the dominant one.”

Darja Y13, Germany and Ksenjia Y12, Montenegro.

A relaxing walk and chat in the sunshine:
I have had a good first week boarding in school. You can have a good day in school and then go sailing which is great fun. If you feel lonely you can have a chat to others of all ages who have been in the same situation. 
I had a good walk in the sunshine with our Deputy Heads’ dog Maggie who was so good and obedient. We had great fun and I had a chance to have a good chat with our Housemistress too.
Millie Y7, UK.

Boarding school helps you make good friends:

“It is very good to attend boarding school here at Ackworth as we have made lots of new friends and met lots of new people who come from different countries. We also are learning English as well as new words in German which is very interesting”

Vicky, Rachel, Eva - Y11, China.

Residential Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award during the final week of term:

"I had such a great experience with BOLD adventures during the Outdoor Survival Skills course . I absolutely loved everything we did. It was very challenging but enjoyable. I recommend it to everyone." Y13 Aitalina [Siberia]

Following an interesting debate in Psychology about attraction this week(!), we decided to chill out this weekend & watch Pride and Prejudice. Matthew Macfadyen scored 10 (or maybe 9.5!) on the attraction scale in our opinion.

Anna  (Czech Republic) with friends Darja (Germany) and Isabel (Spain)


Today we visited the Trafford (shopping) Centre to do some last minute shopping before breaking up for the Summer. A new hoodie and a phone case, some window shopping, a visit to KFC and then back on the coach to school to continue packing up for our Summer holiday!

Enya (UK)

With new friends Liza (Moscow) and Aude (France)


Weekend home visit - When Mrs Wilson invited me to her house, I was very glad but also impressed. I had never known a teacher that opened her home to pupils, and I thought it was such a nice thing to do. I had been looking forward to it all week. I had wondered whether there would be Spanish food.

When the day finally came, me and some other students went to Mrs Wilson’s house. She was very welcoming and happy to see us. There were also some other Spanish people in the house and, to my surprise, there was loads of Spanish food!! It was such a great time. I got to meet new people, we watched a funny movie and played cards. Now I just want to say: Thank you so much Mrs Wilson!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Isabel (Spain)


School Officers training weekend

The School Officer training weekend has been amazing. I feel like I know my friends a lot better now. I cant wait to see what a difference we will be able to make to the school.        Kiran (UK)

Finished result

Girls School House meeting

To wave farewell to Bryony Lebeter  as she moves to North Yorkshire and Helen Batty who is stepping down from Girls’ School House to start her new family.

“It was lovely to see everyone together as I am not here on open day. “ Aitalina (Siberia)

I have enjoyed the Cooking Club making different dishes of a Mexican style. Elizaveta (Moscow)

I am newly arrived to school and I have been involved with cooking club as I like cooking very much. Aude (France)


An afternoon of
Games on the Green and BBQ night 

“Games on the Green was a success! We had great weather and everyone really themselves. The best part was when Woolman played volleyball against a staff team and won! Overall it was a great afternoon and the BBQ was delicious.”  Leah (Scotland) and Georgia (England).


Packing up for the end of term after a years boarding:

Taking all my things home and packing away my clothes has to be the most emotional moment of the year.I can’t believe I’m not here next year and I will miss the close friends I’ve made. Girls’ School House is so special and it always will be.   Mollie (UK)