Charity & Service

Ackworth School is a community within a community; a cohesive mix of students, teachers, parents support staff and Old Scholars, but also part of the community that is Ackworth the village. Our motto, “non sibi sed omnibus”, (not for oneself but each for the good of the whole) calls us to acknowledge our responsibilities and duties to the communities of which we are part – school, village, nation and the world beyond.

We are pleased that the school hosts village activities and events: whether it is the local swimming school, the Village Concert Society or football training in the sports centre each plays a part in broadening our outlook and enriching our experience. Our students are often part of these links, for example putting on concerts for the local elderly or performing on stage to an audience of local primary school children. The experience is hugely valued by all sides involved. Individual forms may initiate charitable activities, a favourite money raiser being the ever popular break time cake stall; or the whole school may work together for example at Christmas when we collect provisions to donate as Christmas gifts through the local authority.

Closer to home, students find opportunities for service by supporting the work of the school’s Autism Resource or supporting the teaching in Coram House by hearing younger pupils read. The Duke of Edinburgh Award also leads pupils into service, for example, as helpers in the local Boy’s Brigade.

The highlight of the year, from the charity angle, is undoubtedly Charity Week, when money is raised for one local charity and one international cause, the whole school being involved in which charities to support. The week is eagerly anticipated by all in school, and for one week we are exceptionally united – mostly in our desire to throw things at the ever suffering Upper Sixth! Jelly throwing, stocks, hot dog and doughnut sales, a charity auction, a cake stall (another!), balancing the Head Boy with copper, a concert, a bring and buy sale and the hugely popular Staff and Sixth Form entertainment..... all form part of this extraordinary week, punctuated only by a day out in the country to take our Founder’s Day walks! Pupils have fun and a huge amount of money is raised in a short time.