In Coram House the children are encouraged to explore their musical abilities and opportunities are available for taking up an instrument, joining the orchestra, recorder group or a choir.

The school has a wide range of peripatetic staff providing vocal coaching and individual or group tuition in a comprehensive range of musical instruments such as flute, trumpet, violin and piano. Visiting musicians provide opportunities for the pupils to experience the excitement of different types of music; harp for example.

There are many occasions when the children perform informally in front of their peers and in concerts both in and out of school. We have two choirs in the Junior School. Opportunities to showcase their repertoire and experience competition from other choirs include our participation in the music festivals with opportunities also to sing in churches and cathedrals. Members of the choir and individual musicians also take part in the annual HMC Regional Music Day which offers a wonderful opportunity to work alongside musicians and culminates in a performance concert.