School Library

May 2015 - new books

CABOT, Meg.  Notebooks of a Middle-School Princess
(If you’ve read The Princess Diaries you need to read this book!  Find out all about Mia’s half-sister and what its like to suddenly find out that you’re an 11 year old Princess)

CASS, Keira.  The Heir
(Book 4 of The Selection series)

CASSIDY, Cathy.  Looking Glass Girl
(This is a modern re-imagining of the Alice in Wonderland story.  Alice has been invited to a sleepover with the popular girls, but after a fall she ends up unconscious and lost in her own wonderland of dreams)

COATS, Lucy.  Cleo
(If you have ever wondered what Cleopatra was like before becoming a Queen, this is the book for you.  A fictional account of the young Cleopatra and her family, this is a book full of intrigue, danger and monstrous half-sisters) 

DOHERTY, Berlie.  The Company of Ghosts
(This creepy story centres on Ellie and her visit to a mysterious island…alone)

FLYNN, Tatum.  The D’evil Diaries
(Jinx D’Evil is Lucifer’s youngest son but not a chip off the old block!  When push comes to shove, is Jinx demon enough to save the Underworld when it comes under threat?)

FREEDMAN, Dan.  The Jamie Johnson Series
(Has Jamie got what it takes to become a top footballer, both at school and professionally?  Read this series to find out)

HARDINGE, Frances.  Cuckoo Song
(Set just after World War 1, this story centres on Triss and her recovery from an accident.  When she awakes she has an incredible hunger, she hears dolls screaming and her sister is terrified of her.  What has happened and why has she changed?)

KILGALLON, Conor.  Top Car Records
(This book celebrates everything related to cars, from the coolest to the craziest)

MASS, Wendy.  11 Birthdays
(What would you do if you had the worst Birthday ever and the day keeps repeating itself?  This is Amanda’s problem and she is the only one who can make it better)

MCKENZIE, Paige.  The Haunting of Sunshine Girl
(Sunshine is an ordinary teenager with an extraordinary gift.  She can hear evil spirits in her new home and so its up to her to keep her Mum safe.  A spine-tingling story that will keep you on the edge of your seat) 

MERES, Jonathan.  The World of Norm: May contain Nuts
(Book 8 in the Norm series)

NICHOLLS, Sally.  Close Your Pretty Eyes
(Olivia is moving in with her 16th foster family.  She wants everything to work out but danger lurks in the old, secluded house where she now lives.  Can she save her new family from the dark forces that she fears)

RIORDAN, Rick.  Percy Jackson and the Greek Gods
(Percy tells the story of the Greek gods in his usual witty style)


Easter 2015: The library is now complete!

Our library has seen a full makeover this academic year and is now complete.  The furniture has been varnished, the walls have been painted and new books have arrived! There are new learning zones for students to work both in groups and on their own. It is a truly magical place to be and we hope that now our library is finished the new look, along with our updated stock, will enthuse our young learners even further. 

December 2014: The story continues...


Our library is having a 'makeover'!  The furniture is being varnished and more tables and chairs have been brought in for our students to use.  The decorators are currently working hard to complete the library for students to start using again in the new year.

November 2014: NEW BOOKS

The new books that are ready for going out on loan are:
Brightling – Rebecca Lisle
Anywhere – Jon Robinson
Knightley & Son – Rohan Gavin
Fearsome Dreamer – Laure Eve
The Everest Files – Matt Dickinson
I’ve also included a picture of them in case you wanted one.

October 2014: Breathing new life into the old library:


We are  lucky at Ackworth to have so much dedicated space in our school library, together with the hand crafted furniture which was made specifically for the purpose. Our library has always been enjoyed by students across the school.  The ‘Buzz Books’ sessions for First Years really encourages them to visit the library and thereafter they return regularly to find the information they need for research projects or to enjoy a quiet read of a favourite novel.
We are currently looking into how we use the space in the library to help our students with their work.  In the past it has been a place to store books, but now it will be used to suit more modern methods of research.  Students will be able to sit and work at desks in our study zone or meet around large tables in our ever popular ‘fiction area’ to discuss their findings and share their learning.