EFL Support

The English as a Foreign Language Department provides overseas students with extra help and support with their English. For students in Years 7 to 11 (First to Fifth Forms), we provide at least four sessions of EFL each week, which students attend instead of French, German and Spanish. These groups are usually very small, typically consisting of about 4 students. We provide general English tuition which helps students develop their language skills and so cope better with life and study in Britain as well as preparing students to take Cambridge English exams (KET/PET), General Training IELTS and IGCSE ESL.

For students in the Sixth Form, we usually offer two lessons per week, and these are charged as extras. At this level we begin to prepare students for the Academic IELTS exam which they will need for university entry.

The EFL Department provides a lively, dynamic environment in which to learn. As groups are small, there is scope for individual learning programmes which cater for the specific requirements of each student. Most students find that EFL provides them with a place to 'touch base'; time and space to discuss language problems that may be difficult to bring up in larger class environments. In this way it gives them a chance to experience more student-driven learning which provides more than just grammar and vocabulary practice. We aim to develop the student as a whole and so help them be better prepared, all round, for long-term study in the UK.