Entry Requirements

Entry into the school from Year 1 and above begins with a ‘Taster Day’. This is a very important step for your child who is entering a new environment, so we work really hard to ensure that their experience is enjoyable. We provide a copy of the timetable so that parents can choose a day with their child which includes activities within the curriculum that their child will enjoy. We believe that the ‘Taster Day’ is of paramount importance in giving your child the opportunity to experience a warm, friendly welcome from their peer group and staff and also to find out what a typical day in Coram House is like.

Year 1 and 2 Entry

In Year 1 and Year 2 part of the ‘Taster Day’ experience will include some informal assessment in literacy and numeracy by the Form Teacher and/or Teaching Assistant as part of the classroom activities.

Year 3 ,4, 5 and 6 Entry

Entry into Year 3 and above will include a formal assessment in English and Maths which is carried out on a friendly one to one basis, usually during the timetabled English and Maths lesson. We do not add pressure to the child’s experience by calling it an ‘Entrance Test’ but we ensure they are aware on the day that we need to assess where they are in their learning.

Senior School Entry

Our pupils sit the Senior School entrance test alongside external candidates. However Coram House pupils are not in competition for places as they are assured a place as long as they meet the benchmark criteria.